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Brand strategies for architects

The importance of specialised marketing and brand strategies for architects

Traditionally, architecture wasn’t a sector that embraced bold marketing or branding strategies.

It was a sector that relied on word-of-mouth referrals and an existing reputation in certain circles.

The reasons for this could be that architecture services aren’t immediately easy for the general public to grasp. Marketing an unclear concept can be a roadblock to both architects and marketers. A lack of understanding in both sectors may have limited how marketing and branding were historically handled.

This seems to be changing – which can only be good news for architects and architecture firms.

Architecture – such a visual sector – has much to gain from bold marketing and branding strategies.

‘Sometimes, the resulting confusion over what the end product offered by architecture studios actually is – a built object, a service, or a spatial experience – leads to ineffective branding and marketing strategies.’ – Anca Mitrache, ‘Branding and Marketing, An Architect’s Perspective.’ 

A brand strategy will inform every aspect of a business. From briefing clients to the company’s visual identity, to communicating throughout a project, a cohesive brand strategy will maintain consistency at every level.

For architecture studios who want to branch out their client base, up-and-coming architects or for studios wanting to revitalize their services, branding and marketing is essential.  

In the past, architects tended to market to other architects. That involved displaying their portfolio proudly, using technical jargon and attempting to appear as impressive as possible.

Where this sector may have been missing a trick is through clear and easy to understand branding.

Translate services into simple ideas

Simple branding could appeal to a wider prospective audience, and disrupt the market by translating specialist services into layman’s terms. The market reach of this type of branding could be huge.

Clear brand values can be invaluable

Values offer insight into the core essence of a brand. Having a really clear ethos will make your brand easy to understand, and easy to relate to. Simply put, values humanise the services you offer.

What should an effective brand strategy do? What is the purpose of a brand strategy?

  • It should clearly define your audience
  • It should identify your customer’s pain points
  • It should identify your competitors
  • It should clarify how you could best stand out in your market (what are the points of difference you could draw upon?)

What should an effective brand strategy look like?

It should cover these components:

  • Your visual identity (read more here)
  • Your tone of voice and messaging
  • Your brand values (read ours here)
  • Your company culture (read ours here)
  • Your brand story (read more here and here)
  • Your mission statement
  • Your competitive positioning

Marketing strategies for architects could include:

  • Digital marketing

Eg. Pay-per-click advertising, social media campaigns, email and content marketing to gain brand visibility and awareness. These should be short, snappy and easy to understand for broad market reach.

  • Including blogs on your website (content marketing)

Blogs can improve your Google rankings by targeting sector-specific keywords. They can also present your firm as thought leaders. Your blogs should aim to answer your customer’s frequently asked questions and should be informative, but easy to understand (don’t go overboard with the technical language).

  • A cohesive social media presence

A social strategy should aim to connect with your audience and prospects. This should aim to show off your portfolio and successes, as well as start a narrative about your brand and your company culture. 

  • Offline marketing

Eg. Brochures, flyers and billboards with eye-catching visuals. These should be bold, simple and should display your visual brand identity. They should be easy enough to understand from a single glance. 

Here at 22 Group, we can offer complete branding and marketing services – if you ever want to chat with us about it, give us a call on 0161 672 7822, or give us an email on