How to pick the right web design agency?

When you search on Google “web design agency”, you’re hit with millions of results. So, how do you decide which one is right for you and your business? 

The first question to ask yourself is, are you looking for a website re-design or are you looking for your website to be built from scratch. 

A website is a big project and requires attention to detail and effective management. It’s also not a cheap task in terms of cost and other resources. If you think it’s cheap and you’re being told it can be done very quickly, you should question it. 

Reviews of a web design agency are a great starting point but shouldn’t be the only way you decide on the right one.

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Other factors to consider when picking a web design agency: 

  • Experience

Learn and receive the best advice and service from an agency that has experience. Experience is how you find out what works, what doesn’t and what kind of service is needed. 

  • Industry

If a design agency is very tailored to one industry, that isn't yours, it could be difficult to deliver a service you expect. Understanding an industry and what they will need in regards to their website will help make the process more efficient. 

  • Conversions

Do they have a track record of converting visitors to customers? That’s ultimately what you want your website to do and what it should be designed to do. 

Find out their methods or if they offer an optimisation service for your website.

It’s a skill to be able to design a website that looks fantastic and is also optimised to convert visitors into customers.

Keep track of this by monitoring and tracking. If you’re unsure of how to do this, your web design agency should be able to talk you through it. 

  • Customers

Who have they previously designed a website for? Working together with a design agency that has similar values or a way of working is important in building a compatible working relationship. It will help ensure the process is as smooth as possible. 

Are you aware of longstanding client relationships with the web design agency? Any alterations, redesigns or upgrades will provide a great indication that they are a trustworthy agency to deal with. 

  • Other services

A good design agency should be able to offer a comprehensive service to their customers. Aside from design, look out for development and marketing services. 

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Website design and build with 22Group

We are a Manchester-based digital agency covering all things website, branding and marketing. If you’re looking to have your website created, our team of experienced designers, developers and copywriters are ready to help. 

We’re proud to be a digital agency with vast experience, we have worked with different industries from finance to the healthy drinks industry. If you’re interested in our work, we have produced several case studies for clients we have worked with. 

Let us know if you have any questions or would like to have a chat about how we can help you - get in touch today. 


10 myths about web design

We’re busting those myths about web design. Don't work in the web design industry? We get that coming from a different industry your perspective and understanding of web design probably doesn't go beyond the basics, that’s why we’re going to set these myths straight. 

1. The look of your website is the most important 

There’s no doubt that the look and appearance of your website are important, but it’s not the only aspect. Web design isn’t only graphics, imagery and visuals, it also incorporates designing the functional elements and content of your website.

2. I just need a collection of nice photos for imagery

Just gathering a bunch of images you think look great for your website isn’t the best strategy, a visual strategy will bring more benefits. Align it to your brand - if a picture speaks a thousand words then that’s what the visuals on your website need to be doing about your business. 

3. Social media buttons aren’t necessary 

Apart from the advantage of increasing followers on your social media channels, having the buttons on your website can improve your search engine rankings. Sharing content through your social buttons, like a blog, will give SEO a nudge in the right direction. 

4. The copy on my website isn’t that important

The copy on your website should portray your brand, having the right tone of voice and the right information. Don’t forget the length of your copy is key too, this affects the design and the overall look of your website.

5. I don’t need to update my website 

You’ve invested and spent good money on your website, why would you need to update it? Trends change and are ever-evolving so if you want your website to remain current then updates will be needed every so often. 

6. The more features I have on my website the better 

Thinking about your customers and solving all their problems through your website? Unfortunately, having lots of features can make the website complex, it’s best to map out the features you would like and be smart with them. 

7. The homepage is the most important

This is a common one, but we’re bursting that bubble because it’s not always true. Many customers end up visiting your website by landing straight on your product or service page - it’s what they’re usually searching for. 

8. It doesn’t matter if my website isn’t mobile-friendly

Thinking that most of the traffic coming to your website is through desktop is not only outdated but detrimental. The responsiveness of a website improves the user experience and actually counts towards Google indexing websites. 

9. The more content I have on my website the better 

Having lots of content can make your website hard to navigate. If you are struggling to keep the content succinct, a web designer will be able to provide a smart solution.

10. Once the website is live, I don’t need to touch it

It’s great when a website you’ve been waiting for is finished and finally goes live, however, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to touch it. Strengthen your website by conducting A/B tests, create landing pages, change your lead generating forms, keep your blog or news section up to date and don’t forget to keep your content current. This includes team members changing, product prices, services offered and more. 

sketch of a web design plan - the sitemap

Did you think that any of these myths were true? Some may have been once upon a time but as time changes so do the web design ideas and best practices. Hopefully, we’ve cleared them up for you and even enlightened you too.

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