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An independent agency who specialise in web design & creative branding 


Our philosophy is all about delivering a variety of services, from one place. Our full in-house service means we can build you a powerful website, create you a magnetic brand and market it all from under the same roof.

We’re a dynamic team. Our skillset ranges from coding to designing, marketing to copywriting - and everything in between. We invest heavily in the training and development of our team to ensure the level of talent surpasses all expectations.


Our Story

Robin’s award-winning career in design saw him design successful websites for many well-known brands, including Santander, New Look Clothes, Marks & Spencer, and Peugeot. In that time, the best digital freelancer Robin ever worked with was Eddy. When Robin first had the idea of creating a full-service agency, Eddy was the first person he called…

With over 14 years of experience in website development, Eddy has been the architect behind the successful delivery of a multitude of websites including Zedra and Konica Minolta. He is process-driven and a big picture thinker. Alongside Robin, Eddy envisioned a full-service agency combining the power of creative and digital.

From there, 22 Group was born.


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Our values

"Here at 22 Group, we really value friendliness, commitment, confidence and being straight-talking. We’re committed to delivering incredible results, with heart. Our values underpin every decision we make. They are at the core of our brand." 

 Robin Arnold, Creative Director


A cornerstone of our company’s culture, we put this shared value into practice daily. Building positive and long-standing working relationships amongst ourselves and with our clients is genuinely important to us. It’s all about being our best selves and bringing out the best in each other.


We believe in ourselves – and you should too. Our passion for every aspect of what we do shines through into our work and you can trust us to give it our all. We recognise our capabilities and are comfortable to try new things in order to make the most of our talents.

Straight talking

Honesty and authenticity sets us apart. In a world inundated with options, decisions and choices to be made, it’s nice to know who you can rely on to get the job done. We won’t set unrealistic goals or mess with your expectations. Building open and honest relationships is always our aim.


We take pride in what we do. Loyal and long-standing client relationships are just as important to us as project details. Each and every one of us is truly passionate about what we do, and we have a tendency towards perfectionism – who doesn’t want to get a job completely right?

Our culture

"Our company culture is down-to-earth, relaxed and friendly - just like our team. We don’t worry too much about a workplace dress code or strict hours. We'll wear what we're comfortable in and work flexibly.

We’re a dedicated bunch who pride ourselves on our approachable and welcoming company culture."

 Robin Arnold, Creative Director

Our leadership team


Robin Arnold 

Strategy Director


Eddy Bennett

Digital Director


Andrew Gibbs



22 Group is our umbrella company for creative work.

Check out our specialised branches for our work in the property and finance sectors: Property Stream | Finance Stream | 22 Manchester


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22 Group is the umbrella company for creative work.

Check out our specialised branches for work in the property and finance sectors: Property Stream | Finance Stream

22 Group is a proud member of The Pride, an alliance of independent creative and communications companies.

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