Brand & Strategy

Your brand is your most important asset. It can make or break your success. 

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is all about delivering a variety of services, from one place. Our full in-house service means we can build you a powerful website, create you a magnetic brand and market it all from under the same roof.

We’re a dynamic team. Our skillset ranges from coding to designing, marketing to copywriting - and everything in between. We invest heavily in the training and development of our team to ensure our level of talent surpasses all expectations.

“We understand that your brand is your most invaluable asset. We put time, effort, expertise and care into every aspect of a rebrand and never lose sight of its importance.”

Robin Arnold, Creative Director

Brand strategy

Something as important as your brand needs a powerful strategy. We begin with forensic competitor research to determine points of difference that will make your brand stand out from the noise. Through detailed workshopping and target market analysis, we create a bespoke strategy for your brand.

Brand identity

Without the right brand identity, you can’t reach your target market. They won’t see what you’re trying to convey. A brand’s visual identity is like the clothes of the company. It has to fit perfectly and represent your personality. We start from the inside out, creating an identity that matches your values and goals. 


Content strategy

Your content is your company’s voice. Every time you send out a business email, every time you post to social media, every time you begin a new campaign, you’re sending out a message about who you are. For a powerful brand, you need powerful content that’s consistent across the board.

An exciting brand is a successful one.

Our specialists understand and create brands that stand out from the crowd. Discuss a project with one of us today!


Introducing Robin Arnold

22’s creative director

Our creative director, Robin Arnold, has over 20 years experience and has been the lead creative on many high-profile branding success stories.

He's a big believer in putting your brand first at all times. After all, your brand is your reputation - and there's nothing more important than that.


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