Brand strategy

Any successful brand needs a strategy.


Understanding your market, customers and product enables us to create and deliver a brand that is going to succeed.

Upgrading your brand’s values, story, focus and reputation is our primary intention when we craft your bespoke strategy.

Our brand specialists will help to discover and refine your brand. Through this consultation, we can strategise where we envision your brand going.

Our process

1. Research

We will thoroughly research the market surrounding your brand, your place in it and your audience. Why? In order for us to see where your brand is heading, we need to see where you’ve been. The public perception of your brand will define how we move forwards. Our research will rigorously examine your competitor’s brands and how we can differentiate you from them.


2. Workshop

From our meticulous research, we will present our discoveries to you and your team. Our workshop will be a collaborative process where we discuss your USPs, visual identity, tone of voice and place in your market. From there, the blueprint of your new brand strategy will form. A plan of action to launch your brand into the stratosphere.

3. Actions

22 Group now have all they need to set the wheels in motion. We will harness all we have learned about your brand and where you are headed, and distil it into the appropriate actions for you. This could be creating assets for you from a new visual identity and logo, or it could be launching a powerful new marketing campaign. Whatever path your brand will be taking, our expert team of designers, marketers and copywriters will be prepped and ready.


An exciting brand is a successful one.

Our specialists understand and create brands that stand out from the crowd. Chat to one of our brand specialists today.

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