Brand identity

Without an identity, your brand will be lost in the crowd. 


A brand identity is closely connected to its visuals. A distinctive combination of colours, lines and shapes that symbolise your brand, instantly. Where would McDonalds be without its iconic golden arches?

Brand identity is like the clothes of the company. They should perfectly fit and instantly convey your personality. A company with the wrong branding is like a CEO in a clown-suit: the clothes don’t fit the job and the wrong message is being sent out!

We work from the inside out, making sure your culture and values are strong first before curating your unique visual identity to match it. Our approach focuses on your entire brand, not just a slick logo. 

Our process

1. Research

Our designers will devote time to researching your sector and market. What visual identities are currently popular? How can we best differentiate you as a unique brand? Our research is integral, informing our designs and blueprinting your road to success.


2. Workshop

We will feedback the results of our research and our initial designs in a collaborative workshop. Here, we will work with you to identify which of our proposals are the best fit. We make sure to pitch a wide variety of designs, giving you a generous scope from which to make your decision. This ensures you land on a visual identity that really reflects you and your business.

3. Creative assets

The finished products will be the creative assets of your choice. From your logo to your colour palette, our brand guidelines will meticulously outline your visual identity. This will ensure a cohesive and powerful identity, ready to stand out from the noise!


An exciting brand is a successful one.

Our specialists understand and create brands that stand out from the crowd. Chat to one of our brand specialists today.

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