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Branding, Marketing / 1 year ago

Does your brand have the ‘WOW’ factor?

Create an unforgettable brand that gets results

Ambitious companies know that their brand is their most valuable asset but whereas you may review your website on an annual basis, your brand sometimes gets put to the bottom of the list. How often do you talk to your management team and partners about how current and relevant your brand is? What is says about your company and if it speaks directly to your target audiences. As we all know business is fast-paced, more than ever it needs to adapt and a strong brand should do that too.

Here’s a several elements of strong branding you should be considering to get that all important WOW factor and ensure you stand out.

The branding wheel – This format captures the concept of your brand, the emotional heart and essence of your brand and how audiences respond to and engage with it. Brands that appeal to customers on an emotional level attract more loyalty and longevity.

Integrating your message across multiple platforms – Is your brand consistent across all platforms and marketing channels? Audiences need to see a strong brand identity reinforced with the same logo, colours and messages so they are easily recognisable.

Creating a strong logo and brand identity
Your logo is your brands personality, it should visually sum what you’re about and what you’re trying to say. Combine this with a short, snappy strap line and you a brand that’s ready for action!