There’s a small amount of logos out there that would last a lifetime. Like fashion trends, design trends change resulting in updates of logos. Think about the big brands you know, have they come out with new logo looks over the years? Starbucks, Mastercard, Pepsi, Apple and many more have changed their logos as time has gone by. 

The UEFA Euro logo is no different. The Euros, more formally known as UEFA European Football Championship, was founded in 1955 and rebranded in 1992. Since then, the logo has gone through several logo updates.

Let's take a look:

Uefa logo 1968

SVG created by Christian Bier

1960 - 1992 

The logos are all similar throughout these years, they all look like the above 1968 logo but the flag and year changes. The flag depends on which country was hosting the championship, in this case, it was Italy.

The design at the time was on-trend and modern but we now see it as vintage and is very recognisable as a vintage logo design. 

uefa euro 1996 logo


The 10th UEFA European Championship was hosted in England in 1996. The logo took a different look from previous years with a playful vibe with the majority of it using a primary colour palette. 

ref="">Sports Vectors by Vecteezy


This championship was held in the Netherlands and Belgium, which explains the mix of flag colours in the logo. In addition the typography used is completely different from the previous logos, it’s more sophisticated, clean and neat.

uefa euros 2004 logo
Euro 2004 logo | source = | author = UEFA


Held in sunny Portugal, the Euro 2004 logo represented the location very well with the sunny, warm vibes. The “Euro 2004” part of the logo takes a different approach on the typography again going back to the fun and casual feel.

uefa euros 2008 logo
By Source, Fair use,


The Euro 2008 was hosted in Austria and Switzerland. Paying homage to their flags in the logo, the red and white are very prominent. In addition, known for their mountains and peaks in the landscape, you can also see this being represented in the logo with the 3 peaks. 

Typography in the 2008 logo changes again, using a simple sans-serif in several weights they went for a more minimalistic, clean look.

uefa euro 2012 logo
Logo of the European Football Championship 2012 | Source = The logo is from the website.


Held in Poland and Ukraine the Euro 2012 logo was once again very different from previous logos, incorporating flowers and the main one being a football. The colours also incorporated the Polish and Ukrainian flag.

uefa euro 2016 logo
Logo of the European Football Championship 2016 | Source =The logo is from the UEFA.


For the first time, the trophy features in the UEFA logo. The Euro 2016 was in France and the colours of the French flag can be seen throughout the trophy and background. This is more artistic with symbols and minimalistic shapes dotted around the logo.

uefa euro 2020 logo

2020 (2021)

Having been postponed a year due to the outbreak of COVID-19 the Euro 2020, for the first time ever, will be held across the continent by 11 host cities instead of 1. Once again, the trophy is the centrepiece of the logo with celebrating fans behind it. The green bridge represents connections and unity, football brings people together. 

Who do you think is going to win this year? With the past year being uncertain, training and sports were restricted so could we see a surprise win this year? 

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