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Charities, Marketing / 3 years ago

Charities – What’s your angle?

Did you know that, according to figures released by the Daily Mail, there are more than 195,289 registered charities in the UK? So other than a huge budget and a worthy cause, what can make a charity stand out? Simple, effective marketing campaigns with the right angle.

Finding the right angle is critical in determining the success of a campaign. As we’ve mentioned before, the ALS ice bucket challenge had over 17 million participants, the videos were watched by 440 million people a total of 10 billion times and they raised almost $80 million but do you know what they raised in the same period the year prior? … $2.5 million.

ALS didn’t have the huge marketing budgets available like Cancer Research or NSPCC, so how did ALS manage to achieve this level of brand exposure in such a short period of time? They found the right angle. The chilling sensation participants feel when the ice hits their body is supposed to represent the pain and discomfort ALS sufferers feel simply when moving. This allows people to try to empathise with the sufferers and their daily struggles. This applied with the thrill of pouring ice cold water over a friend or family member created the perfect angle for their campaign, which ultimately became the largest and most successful global charity to date!

22 Group were challenged by the NHS to come up with an angle for an NHS Smokefree marketing programme. Smokefree is an initiative sponsored by the government to encourage people to quit smoking. Key research found that quitting smoking for loved ones is a highly motivating factor for a majority of smokers. Inspired by this, our team created a message that would resonate with parents, especially dads. The message was “don’t miss out on your family’s future” and was executed poignantly by showing fathers enjoying time with their children. The “Miss out. No chance.” campaign used on posters and information leaflets was often strategically placed i.e. football club locker rooms. You can see more of our NHS Smokefree project here.

Is your angle working for you? Are you achieving significant increases in donations and brand awareness? If not, it may be time to take a new approach. If you need help with this contact or call 0161 672 7822 and we would be more than happy to assist.