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Smoke free is the national NHS campaign providing motivation and support for smokers who want to quit.

Marketing / Creative


Tackling smoking is currently in the top 5 public health agendas across the UK. As there is a wealth of evidence to show behavioural change based marketing can successfully motivate and support smokers to quit, the Government sponsored the NHS Smokefree campaign. We were asked to create a marketing programme which targets parents.


Key research has shown that quitting smoking for loved ones is a highly motivating factor for a majority of smokers. Inspired by this, our team created a message that would resonate with parents, especially Dads. The message was “don’t miss out on your family’s future” and was executed poignantly by showing fathers enjoying time with their children. The “Miss out. No chance.” campaign used on posters and information leaflets that were often strategically placed i.e. football club locker rooms.


  • Research and analysis
  • Idea generation
  • Campaign identity


  • Advertising
  • Printed literature

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