Konica Minolta

Launching a new all-in-one office hub with a new website.


The brief

Konica Minolta was launching a new all-in-one office hub which would disrupt the printer market and required a new website to promote it.

The brief was to design and develop a simple and intuitive content-managed and multi­lingual website incorporating promotional materials, product details and multiple contact forms. Every functionality had to integrate with multiple Konica Minolta marketing systems.


The solution

Working closely with our Pride partner Frank, Bright & Abel, we hosted a discovery session to fully define the brief.

Next, we went away and researched the marketplace to see what Konica Minolta's competitor websites offered in terms of user experience, architecture and design. We then looked further afield at websites which had won awards for their simple and intuitive approach.

We then developed the information architecture for the website, defining the user journeys, the sitemap and page layouts via wireframes. This ensured that the end result would be simple and clear to navigate and effectively communicated product details.


The result

After agreeing on the architecture of the website we designed a cutting-edge look and feel which would effectively communicate their brand values, whilst appealing to a technologically minded target audience. We incorporated the stunning photography Frank, Bright & Abel had created.

Development of the website involved creating a range of innovative features including, mobile responsive layouts, animations and effects, multiple languages, GeoIP based country auto­detect, country targeting, a rich content management system with data capture forms and flexible page layout components. The functionality meant the website could be easily managed by the client.

The website was well-received globally and we are continuing to provide digital services to support Konica Minolta as they roll out product updates throughout the year.



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