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Branding, Studio news / 7 years ago

The Reward Practice brand identity

We are proud to announce the official launch of The The Reward Practice brand identity.

The Reward Practice are a totally independent source of advice on how to reward, incentivise and motivate staff as efficiently as possible. They asked us to make their brand appeal to their customer base (FTSE 100 organisations), feel professional, corporate and stand out from their competitors.

With a substantial proportion company revenues being spent on paying and motivating employees, organisations need to ensure that every single payroll Dollar, Euro or Pound is wisely spent.


The experience of our friends at The Reward Practice shows that it is entirely possible to reduce overall payroll spend and improve the pay and incentives available to high performers in mission-critical jobs.

The saying ‘Earning the Fruits of your labour’ inspired the branding concept. The feel we got from this was Rewarding, Hard work and Organic. With these words in mind we created eye-catching graphics – inspired by fruit, contemporary typography and a brand that looked confident, corporate but fresh and different enough to stand out of the crowd.