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We create practical, user-friendly websites that will increase your leads and enquiries.

22 Group Manchester employees having a Web design Manchester meeting
22 Group Manchester employees having a Web design Manchester strategy
22 Group Manchester Web design project discussion in a diner

22 Group is a web design agency in the heart of Manchester. We love what we do. We are specialists, with an eye for detail. But web design moves far beyond just looking good.

Your website is your shop window. It says everything about your business and your values. That is why it must be done right. It will be an effective & intuitive mobile responsive site that will draw attention and stand the test of time.

22 Group Manchester did a web design for Konica Minolta

We prioritise the user and follow user-experience (UX design) principles, which has been proven to improve your website. Every step of the way, we assess the user journey to ensure their experience is straightforward, intuitive, and enjoyable. 

Your website is…


Thoroughly researched

We use competitor benchmarking to research your sector.


Designed with the user in mind

UX design ensures the user will be guided clearly around the site.



We prioritise capturing leads and enquiries for your ROI.


Designed to be responsive

Your website will look consistent and pixel-perfect across any screen size.

22 Group Manchester having a Web design Manchester strategy meeting with clients

We put the user at the heart of our design.

User-experience (UX design)

The user experience is a critical element of a successful website. We build our websites to meet the needs of their intended audience. We’ll work with you to assess your user’s needs by generating user stories, mapping out how they will navigate your website and make it simple for them to achieve their individual goals. 

Putting the needs of the user at the centre of our design and development means we are always thinking about how to get optimal engagement for your site. User requirements and goals change over time, but by using the latest tools and software we can monitor and continually assess how well your website is meeting its users’ needs.

Our design process

1. Research & user experience 

Our planning process means we approach every project with the same level of care and attention.

  • Our research focuses on the user experience. We analyse the user persona and conduct user interviews.

  • Through competitor benchmarking, we see how we can differentiate you in your sector.

  • Wireframes are created to plot out the user experience of the site and see how we can best optimise it.

  • We workshop alongside you so that you can see the architecture of your site begin to develop!

Web design Manchester workshop in the 22 Group boardroom
Web design workshop in a 22 Group Manchester office

2. Visual & digital design

We understand you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Your website has to look good. Simple.

  • We workshop with you to make sure everything is consistent, cohesive and ‘on brand.’
  • Colours, images and content are decided on in this phase - this is where we get creative!
  • Depending on the size of your business, we are able to produce design systems which can ensure consistency across a variety of digital products.
  • We will produce a style guide which defines how all the elements of your site look (eg. buttons, forms, drop-downs) and provides scalability for the site.

3. Design to development handover

It is pointless designing a beautiful website if your vision isn’t executed accurately at the development stage too.

  • We communicate with our developers throughout the project to ensure nothing is lost in translation.
  • We hold a design/development handover meeting where the lead designer explains the design in detail.
  • Throughout the build process, our developers check-in with the designer to ensure that things are going to plan.
  • A detailed QA (quality assurance) is held at the end of the project to pick up any details that may have slipped through the net.
22 Group Manchester employee doing Web design Manchester

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