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A housing association with nearly 10,000 properties in the North West.

Branding / Creative


We were challenged to produce versatile branding that included various styles of photography and illustration. Regenda Homes needed to have a visual link with the Regenda Group brand whilst maintaining it’s own personality.


It was vital to clearly communicate the messages of Regenda Homes and to create an individual brand personality, differentiating from the rest of Regenda Group. A wide colour palette and 12 logo colour variations were devised. Friendly illustrations were created to appeal to their diverse market, from teenagers to pensioners. As the considerably less corporate aspect of the Group, the intention was predominantly people based. To connect Regenda Homes with the rest of the Group brand, a variation of the graphic elements are used; including the graphic holding device that contains titles, accreditations and the logo on the top right corner of all literature.


  • Brand architecture
  • Research and analysis
  • Idea generation
  • Logo and identity
  • Brand guidelines
  • Printed literature
  • Photography
  • Promotional materials
  • Print and editorial

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