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General, Studio news / 3 years ago

International Women’s Day!

Today is International Women’s Day, a day to empower women and celebrate their many achievements across the world. In honour of such a great day, the women of the 22 Group office were asked who their inspirational woman is and why! Here are the responses…

Laura – “I could really say any of the women in my family; I’ve been surrounded by strong and outspoken women my entire life. Celebrity-wise, I love Luisa Zissman. She’s the perfect balance of brains and beauty and is a big believer in work hard, play hard!”

Amber – “Hillary Clinton. She’s a natural born leader and has the balls and resilience to survive at the very top. Unlike some who make it, she hasn’t neglected fighting for the issues that women less fortunate face worldwide. She’s made a huge impact on adoption/fostering rights and child safety in the US. She balances her social democratic views with a strong academic and pragmatic approach which I think is a valuable quality for a potential leader of for a global superpower such as the US. I also appreciate Emmeline Pankhurst, as she did die under a horse, sacrificing her life and her liberty to ensure we got the vote and have many of the freedoms we take for granted today.”


Ashton – “Above all my mum. If I turn out to be half the strong, caring, selfless women she is I will be very grateful. Another woman who stands out to me is Kate Winslet, not only is she an oscar-winning actress but she uses her high status to speak out and encourage women to believe in themselves. Kate refuses to let the media dictate how women should look or act.”

Louise – “”

We would have asked the guys who their inspirational women are, but of course, we already know that’s us!