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Digital, General, Marketing / 3 years ago

Engaging vs selling

There is a reason businesses now have to spend a hefty proportion of their marketing budgets on engaging potential customers (or acquisition marketing)…..and despite what the adverts may say it’s not because they love you so much. The key reason engaging with your potential audience is so crucial is simple… consumer choice. As a society, we now have so much choice and purchasing power that businesses must do all they can to capture their audience. In the heady marketing world every consumer unknowingly finds themselves as part of a ‘sales funnel’, this is made up of the stages a consumer reaches before purchasing a product or service… awareness, interest, consideration, intent, evaluation and then finally the purchase.

Engagement should lead to sales, consumers are much more skeptical about cold callers and being spammed from brands they don’t recognise, so typically a company will make contact with an individual via 6 channels before leading to a sale. By actively engaging with your potential audience you can increase brand awareness and become positioned in your target audience’s mind.

Once people recognise your brand, they are more likely to listen to what you have to say as you gradually become more familiar and trustworthy. Even maintaining strong engagement with your current customers is important, it is much easier to sell to someone who has already purchased your product. Keeping them engaged and happy with your services is an easy way to improve their purchasing experience and increase brand loyalty. As the world becomes more and more digital, it is easier than ever to see reviews and testimonials from customers and gone are the days when false reviews were allowed, the easiest way to create a good reputation for your business is to keep your customers happy. Engagement itself is a powerful lead generation tool.

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