If you’ve never considered the importance of content marketing, or copywriting, before, it may well be the hidden pain point your business doesn’t know it has.

What exactly is copy?

Isn’t copy just words on a page?

If this is your first thought, you are most probably underestimating a vital component of your business’ branding.

Copy is content, but the intentions of good copy extend much further than merely ‘filling a page.’ 

A good business is a business which understands the marketable potential of every word that is associated with their brand. 

A good business understands that all content holds an opportunity to shape and curate brand identity.

Copy may take the form of web content, blogs or articles, campaign content or event materials. 

Each piece of copy should be subtly reinforcing your company’s mission statement. Think of your written content as a call to action. 

Good copy reinforces engagement; great copy has the potential to be the unifying voice of your business.