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Digital, General / 3 years ago

5 perks of having a dev team on hand

You’ve probably heard of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg… They’re not on our dev team just yet but the talent we’ve got is pretty close. There are several benefits of working with 22 Group and having a dev team on hand is certainly one of them! Here’s just 5 reasons having the 22 Dev team on board will ensure your project is a success!

  • Always available in a crisis

When your website goes down, or you get hit with an ‘error 404’ it can impact your whole business – if you use your website for generating sales, that can result in a real income loss! However with 22 you will always have full maintenance support. You just get on the phone to your Account Manager who will work with the dev experts and the problem is fixed in the shortest possible time. You know the issue will be identified, fixed and precautions will be implemented to stop the same errors repeating. Your website is in safe hands.  

  • Next level talent

I’m sure every office has someone who is pretty handy with a computer. However the level of talent no where near compares to that of a dev team. Programmers are fluent in coding and technology and you can almost guarantee that any issue that arises is something they have already faced before.

  • Saves you money

You would think that working with an external dev team would cost you a small fortune, however it is actually cheaper than hiring internally or getting a technology company to fix any issues as a one off. This is because we allow flexibility with our retainers so the likelihood is you wouldn’t be charged any extra. If you don’t have a marketing retainer with us, but we built your website our dev team would still be on hand to help with any technical issues and provide support.

  • Best technology

Something else to save you money… You don’t need to invest in the most current and expensive software and technology because we already have it. You can also be sure our guys know what they’re talking about when it comes to the best technology to use.

  • Level of trust

When it comes to your website, security is pretty important. By working with the same dev team consistently you can build up a level of trust. You know who has access to your website and you can trust that the correct security procedures will be followed.