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General, Marketing / 6 years ago

5 great apps for online collaboration

The web is packed with useful apps to help businesses these days and at 22 we love to make the most of them.

The mighty Google have created an integrated app suite which makes collaboration and getting common business tasks done super easy, so we thought we should share them with those who haven’t heard of them or not tried them before.

Google Docs

Imagine you have a team of people which need to have access to the same documents and make changes in real time to those documents. Well, Google Docs allows you to do just that. We found it particularly useful when collaborating on the writing of our business plan.

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Google Calendar

An essential part of any business, a calendar should enable you to keep track of tasks that need to be carried out, upcoming events and who is involved. Google Calendar performs these tasks brilliantly by making the setting of tasks, events and reminders really really simple. As with all Google apps, colleagues can be given the power to make changes or view the calender independently and create their own calendars which can then be integrated with the main company calendar. We’ve set our browser homepages to the Google Calendar so we are easily reminded of the tasks and events ahead.

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Google Drive

Google Drive enables a team to share assets online via an web based interface and also an offline desktop application which updates when the online drive is updated. This means that wherever you go you can have all of your useful digital assets at your fingertips. We find it particularly useful for storing our company documents and website project assets.

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Google Sheets

Google Sheets as the name suggests, is a web based and feature rich spreadsheet application. It’s really handy for keeping accounting information, keeping track of important lists, calculating quotes and even supports advanced charts and formulas. We use it for creating in-house statistics and quick project quotes.

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Google Slides

Slides is Googles answer to web based presentations, it supports embedded videos, animations, dynamic slide transitions and even allows you to publish presentations on the web. We’ve found it really useful for working together to create presentations for clients and for demonstrating our in-house ideas and strategies for business development.

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So there we have 5 great apps for business collaboration online, it doesn’t stop there though, there are tonnes more apps out there, so be sure to check them out!