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Zedra is a successful financial institution, specialising in Trust, Corporate and Fund services. In this highly fragmented industry, Zedra has become a robust player by offering multifaceted services.

We have worked with Zedra for some time now, however, the time come to give the brand a refresh. The core Zedra visual identity was strong. The logo in particular, did not require changing, but the brand needed re-energising and refreshing to tie in with the exciting new service offering.


A bright colour palette

We updated Zedra’s colour palette so they appeared stronger online. We went for a more dynamic, bright and contemporary look. This really helped to make them stand out from their competitor’s.

While keeping Zedra’s signature blue to ensure they remained instantly recognisable, we updated their ‘cherry red’ to ensure that it caught people’s eye instantly. Apart from the colour palette, we updated a whole host of other assets for them:

- A modern maze of complex regulations
- Iconography to represent their values
- Photography which conveys their services
- Strong visual graphics

In a Modern Maze of complex regulations and requirements, our clients are presented with unexpected opportunities and challenges in equal measure.

A modern maze of complex regulations

In a Modern Maze of complex regulations and requirements, their clients are presented with unexpected opportunities and challenges in equal measure.

Utilising the maze animation to represent this, it is presented on the homepage as the ball runs through a maze shaped like the Zedra logo, showing how Zedra will guide you through the process.


Iconography to represent their values

Zedra have values that are shaped by the past, present and future: a legacy of solid foundations, local knowledge and expertise. Their four cornerstone values are:

- Aim High
- Deepening relationships
- Delivering a 1st class service
- Doing more

Using the angles that are present in the Zedra ‘Z’ we create a unique set of icons to represent each value. We also broadened the library by adding icons relating to their story as well. 

Strong visual graphics

Once we had come up with all the visual elements, it was time to apply them to a range of different assets. We used strong angled graphic that followed the same angle of those that are in the logo to add image overlays.

We were also able to apply crops of the maze to banners etc. which gave even more visual impact to the brand as a whole.



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"22 Group were professional, friendly and helpful throughout the stages of our website refresh, from the initial conversations to the design and building. We received positive feedback about our refreshed website and would recommend their services."

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