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The challenge

Supersonic Phonic Friends is created by Phonics’ expert Anna Lucas. The dynamic team behind Supersonic Phonic Friends are highly skilled phonic experts and passionate educators. The programme offers a fully systematic, synthetic phonic approach ranging from the simple to the complex spellings of the alphabetic code. Supported by their Supersonic Phonic friends, the idea of the programme is to ensure children develop confidence and apply each skill to their own reading and writing.


The brief

Seeing as Supersonic Phonic Friends were just starting out, they came to 22Group for a new website. They wanted to inject new life into phonics and portray the message that they provide an exciting, engaging and brain-friendly phonics programme that is made simple and easy for teachers and children. 

Furthermore, they wanted the website to have a real sense of adventure and for it to be full of life with friendly and engaging characters all over. The characters were brought to life by an existing illustrator who created them.


Our approach

To create an engaging and fun website, we also had to make sure that the user journey was straightforward. We wanted the educational portal on the website easy to use with all the learning resources in one place and for there to be no need to download large presentations. 

In addition, using the character illustrations, we wanted to make the website engaging for children as well as adults. Since the character illustrations were already created we would think of scenes and settings in which they would exist around the website, giving the characters an environment that would bring them to life.


The result

The end result was an engaging and friendly website filled with Fiona Cameron’s artwork. The website has an enchanted and charming woodland setting for the welcoming characters who are heavily featured throughout. Most notably on the website, there is an interactive element fixed in place as you scroll through the page to give the illusion that the friendly little character is climbing the ladder.

The website is easy to navigate, informative and provides example lessons and accompanying resources all on one page. The website features videos as well as easy call to action buttons to download information or get in touch with Supersonic Phonic Friends.


Anna Lucas, creator of Supersonic Phonic Friends

"We are so happy that the website and all the programmes featured have already helped hundreds of children progress in reading and writing. Teachers are reporting that their class-room planning time has significantly reduced since using the Supersonic Phonic Friends programme as each step is planned for you with flexible resources available for every level. Most importantly, the children appear to  love it and engage with the characters which helps their continued learning."

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