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One of the UK’s most well-respected specialist public relations agencies.


The brief

Frontier Public Relations have a strong partnership with 22 Group. They often approach us for artwork and design solutions for a range of their clients.


"Friendly illustrations were created to appeal to their diverse market, from teenagers to pensioners."


The solution

We have provided Frontier PR with continual support and guidance for several years. Working on both artwork for clients and themselves, we've focused on enhancing an overall brand image.

In 2015, we were asked to re-brand Frontier PR and create identities for their sub-brands, construction, housing, and sustainability. Using a combined silhouette illustration, monochrome photography and sensitive muted tones we achieved a stylish feel whilst highlighting the company’s caring and professional nature.



Brand & Strategy / Campaigns & Creative


High quality
visual design.

"Over the years 22 Group has become a trusted partner to Frontier Public Relations, delivering a range of high-quality visual designs that have helped bring our campaigns to life."

David Innes-Edwards

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