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Branding, General / 4 years ago

Loyalty or lies?

After doing some research… A recurring question has arisen that really got me thinking.

Is there such thing as brand loyalty?

When looking at brands who have once been thriving and reputable, but are now bust, it really provokes me into thinking is there such thing as brand loyalty. Even slight misjudgements and errors from businesses can result in them losing any customer “loyalty” and create customer outrage instead. Even worse so, brands can have the same loyal customers for years, but as soon as they don’t fulfil their needs, or stay competitively priced, customers will ditch the brand quicker than Katie Price can dump her latest baby-daddy.

So how can you try and prevent losing your customers?

At 22 we are professionals when it comes to marketing, and we know what your customers want. We have come up with a few tips to help you build customer loyalty, but if you would like to find out our more visit us on one of the following


TIP 1:  Don’t get overconfident. Just because you’re customers love what you’re offering now, ensure you keep up to date with what you’re customers want and how you can develop and excel further. You are never too established for substantial market research 

TIP 2: Keep up to date with your competitors. We are all about standing out from the crowd, so see what you’re competitors are doing and analyse what they are doing well, and what they aren’t and use this to your advantage 

TIP 3: Stay personable with your customers. Don’t always go on the hunt for more sales, engage the ones you have and make them feel appreciated for this will lead to repeat service which can be more beneficial than new sales at times.

TIP 4: Stay true to your values, the reason customers have chosen you, is because they like what you have to offer. If you change your opinions and values regularly customers will lose trust in you and look elsewhere.