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General, Marketing / 3 years ago

Wow…what a journey

Wow…what a journey! 2 years ago we started to bank ideas, and bring together inspiration for the new 22 site.

As the company has evolved and matured, technology has moved forward also and it has been fascinating to see how our own vision of the ultimate agency website has evolved during that time.

It might sound textbook and a little cliche but also it’s entirely true to say that we have been so busy creating incredible websites, branding and marketing for clients we literally haven’t had time to progress with our own. It’s often the case, that many highly respected agencies will outsource the build of their own site as in short, it gets ‘the job done quicker’. For obvious reasons, a commercial project for a client will almost always progress at a different speed to an internal project.

In the business world, they say perfection is paralysis, but try telling that to a Creative Director working on an internal project.

That’s me, and I am not ashamed to admit that I have become completely obsessed with the creating the 22 site. The project is a minefield of emotional triggers. 20 new projects to present to the world, many of which have never been seen. I have felt the same concoction of creative juices flowing through my veins working on this site, as I did putting together my University portfolio 15 years ago. Only absolute perfection will do. But to be fair, I have loved it, and haven’t minded spending countless evenings and weekends working on it.

Though before I get into trouble for taking all the credit, this has been a team effort like no other. It has brought together the Creative, Digital, and Marketing departments at 22 Group like no cheesy paint-balling, or go karting session could ever do. The passion and dedication of every single person has been quite moving. A beautiful assimilation of different skills and ideas and the hardest one of all, picking one look and feel that encompasses a team with so much creativity.

That’s why we’ve kept it simple. From day one, we wanted to let the work do the talking – I hope it does!