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General, Marketing / 3 years ago

Not just any ordinary day!

It’s Back to the Future day!

21st October 2015? Just an ordinary date to some, but to many it’s ‘Back to the Future day’.

In the famous time-travel movie Back to the Future Part 11, released 26 years ago, today is the day that Marty McFly travelled to in order to save his future son.

Social media has blown up over the past few days and even some of the leading brands have jumped on board to celebrate ‘Back to the Future day’ in their marketing campaigns.

Although we may not be there in terms of the flying cars and hover-boards, leading brands who used some product placement in the film are certainly making the most of this once in a lifetime opportunity.


Marty McFly blew us away when he put on his Nike trainers and they laced up themselves, recently Nike have created a trainer based on the model seen in Back to the Future (unfortunately they are still working on the technology behind self-lacing laces)

Pepsi are releasing a limited edition run of a few thousand bottles of Pepsi Perfect, just like in the film, these of course will still be made with sugar, rather than vitamins as in the film.

Universal Studies joined in the fun, by releasing a trailer for the 3D film ‘Jaws 19’ as seen on an advert in the film.

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